Opinion of Value

Gain an understanding of what your company is worth and how it compares to industry peers.

Are you frustrated by not knowing:

The value of your business?

How your business compares to peers?

How buyers will react to your financials?

How to improve your business' value?

What to do before going to market?

What part of your business to improve?

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At Two Oaks Advisors, we want you to have a solid understanding of the value of your company if you were to sell today plus a strategy to improve that value if desired.

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Here's What You'll Get

Market Valuation

We'll conduct a thorough financial analysis and let you know what to expect should you decide to put your business on the market.

Industry Comparison

You'll receive a report showing prior successful transactions of other businesses in your industry.

Value Recommendations

We'll provide action items on how you can improve the value of your business between now and a sale.

What Is An Opinion of Value?

Find Out How Much Your Business Is Worth

An Opinion of Value is a vital compass in the world of business ownership. For entrepreneurs, it serves as an invaluable tool that provides a clear picture of their company's worth and its standing in the competitive landscape of their industry. It's akin to a roadmap, showing them the value of their business if it were to hit the market today.

But it's more than just a number. At Two Oaks Advisors, we utilize the robust Value Builder framework, which zeroes in on the 8 key drivers of company value. It's not just about knowing your value; it's about understanding how to increase it. This is where the real magic happens. An Opinion of Value highlights the areas where your business excels and where it might need a little extra attention, guiding you toward improvements and increased market appeal.

We dive deep into the financial heart of your business during this process. Our experts meticulously analyze your tax returns, profit and loss statements, and balance sheets, tracing trends over time. But we go even further. We look beyond the numbers to discover how you've benefited financially from your company in addition to the income derived.

Market comparables are another crucial facet of our Opinion of Value. We draw from various sources to identify what similar-sized companies in your industry have sold for in the past. This gives us a range of expectations for your business's market value. And, through the Value Builder methodology, we can pinpoint that range with even greater accuracy.

Market conditions matter, too. We explore what's happening in related industries currently on the market, gauging supply and demand dynamics. We also delve into financing scenarios, ensuring that the valuation aligns with your company's cash flow, making it a realistic and achievable prospect.

Ultimately, an Opinion of Value is an objective analysis of your business's worth in the current market. It's a detailed journey that empowers you with insights and strategies for enhancing your business's value, thereby putting you in the driver's seat of your entrepreneurial destiny.

Opinion of Value

What You'll Learn From An Opinion of Value

Broker Opinion of Value

With our team's extensive experience in finance, marketing, operations, and business acquisitions, we'll help you understand:

What your business should sell for in today's market.
What the real financial benefit is to you as the owner.
Which aspects of your business will be most appealing to buyers.
How your business could be improved to increase value.
How your business compares to its industry peers.
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