Value Builder Score

Find out how well you're doing in 8 key drivers of company performance and what you can do to improve.


How The Value Builder Score Will Help

Value Builder Score

Whether you're planning to sell your business soon or in the distant future, obtaining your Value Builder Score offers these advantages:

  • Uncover barriers to achieving a self-sustaining company.
  • Gain insights into how potential buyers will assess your business, allowing you to focus on future value.
  • Identify hidden factors that may diminish your business's worth, proactively eliminating potential issues.
  • Identify the most valuable aspects of your business for potential investors or acquirers, enabling you to allocate resources strategically.

John Christian Williams


The Value Builder Score explained where I currently was with my business. It gave value to specific areas of my business and showed me where I needed to improve things.


Steve Henderson

CEO, Henderson Data Solutions

When I first got my Value Builder Score I understood that from an acquisition standpoint, we had an uphill battle in convincing others to love us as much as we loved ourselves.

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