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Welcome to Two Oaks Advisors, where the heart of our story is about people, passion, and a profound understanding of the business world. We're not just a business broker; we're your dedicated partners on the journey to financial freedom through business ownership. Our tale begins with Lloyd Silver, the visionary behind Two Oaks Advisors.

Meet Lloyd Silver: A Certified Expert

Lloyd Silver is not your typical business advisor. He's a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Value Builder, armed with over two decades of hands-on experience that sets him apart in the industry. Lloyd's journey began as an investment analyst and portfolio manager, where he honed his skills in analyzing and valuing both public and privately held companies. He also mastered the art of risk management, an invaluable asset when it comes to assessing business opportunities.

However, Lloyd's story takes a unique turn. He co-founded a digital marketing agency, specializing in content marketing and search marketing. For over a decade, this agency partnered with small businesses, orchestrating marketing strategies that catapulted revenues and profitability by exposing companies to a broader audience and turning that exposure into paying customers and loyal fans.

What truly sets Lloyd apart is his entrepreneurial spirit. Unlike most business brokers, he's not just an advisor; he's an entrepreneur who has bought and sold businesses across various sectors, including finance and marketing. He intimately understands the demands and aspirations of business owners.

Becoming a business broker was a natural evolution for Lloyd, fusing his years of experience in finance, marketing, and business operations. His decision to venture into business brokerage was catalyzed by his own experience of buying a business through a broker, an experience that wasn't quite what he'd hoped for. This firsthand insight ignited his passion for business transactions, fostering a dedication to providing clients with expert advice, respect, and an exceptional level of service.

BTI Group

Business brokerage activities are in conjunction with BTI Group, the largest independent business brokerage firm on the West Coast. For over 40 years, BTI Group has specialized in facilitating the purchase and sale of privately held companies

Our Commitment to You: Your Success is Our Mission

At Two Oaks Advisors, we are on a mission to help good people buy, sell, and build great businesses. This journey is not just about financial transactions; it's about relationships built on respect, communication, and trust.

We've walked in your shoes as business owners, and we understand the stress and challenges you face daily. As you approach the decision to retire or transition, we know that anxiety levels can soar. We're here to ensure you can exit your business at the right value to secure your future.

For those looking to buy a business, we're your guiding light, preparing you for the next chapter of your life with confidence and expertise.

At Two Oaks Advisors, our philosophy revolves around putting our clients first. We uphold the highest ethical standards, ensuring win-win scenarios for both buyers and sellers. Your experience should leave you feeling great at the end of the transaction, ready for new beginnings.

We know the exhilaration and apprehension of owning, selling, and buying businesses because we've lived it ourselves. As you navigate the intricate path of business ownership, Two Oaks Advisors is here to illuminate the way and make your journey as seamless as possible. Your success is our commitment, and we're thrilled to be a part of your story.

Lloyd Silver
Lloyd Silver, CFA
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